Don't Confuse Digital Marketing with Digital Strategy

– Vidur Bharany

An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy is High Level plan to help you achieve a Business Goal.

Don’t confuse this with a Digital Strategy , which is the application of digital technologies to a business
to enhance competitive capabilities… Digital Marketing campaigns are a part of this.

At Adwiz Digital, we are crystal clear that a Digital Marketing Strategy should only contain the actions
that help meet a Business Goal in order to be sustainable.

7 steps that make Effective Digital Marketing Strategy:

1) Goal Definition
2) Research Competition
3) Audience Identification
4) Content Strategy
5) Channel Identification
6) Execute
7) Monitor & Measure

Do you feel there are some steps in your Digital Strategy which probably don’t help achieve a Business Goal?

If yes, share them below. If you’ve got it all nailed down, then comment “All set”.

We’re just curious how many of you have it all clearly laid out.